Facebook Adds Gender Categories

Facebook goes beyond ‘male’ and ‘female’ with new gender options

Author- Brandon Griggs

News Source- CNN

 Facebook recently added many different genders to their personal information. Users can edit there gender status with up to fifty different words that many Lesbian, Gay, and transgender people associate with.  A top LGBTQ committee worked with Facebook to come up with the terms. The choices are under the custom setting but must start to be typed in order to appear. Overall there has been a successful welcoming to the idea of the different categories. The only issue is that most people don’t know what the terms mean.  People joke that they need a dictionary to understand what some the terms are. I looked at a lot of the different categories on Facebook. I don’t know what many of the terms mean. But, many of the people who identify with a different gender that is not male or female know what they identify as. Also, you are able to customize the pronoun that you are referred to as. There is the pronoun his, hers, and them. On your timeline and everything else that people can see you will be referred to as the pronoun that you chose. Many people on the gay rights community are very happy about the new development and the precedent that was set. But, there are some draw backs to the new development. The settings are not available in other countries. They are only available in United States. I believe that is a great step in the gay rights. I hope that other company’s and institutions follows in Facebook’s footsteps.

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