Narrowing down the ideas

I want to argue that women effect the outcome of political elections. I want to discuss the roles that women play in politics, especially in the recent years. The number of women in office is increasing. Do people vote for a particular candidate because she is female? Only two of my sources pertain to women in politics, therefore I need to find new sources that speak about women. My other three sources speak of race and politics. This is a very big topic and I don’t think that I will be able to focus race and gender in one article. The two source that I have discuss what is referred to as the gender gap. The gender gap is the ratio of men to women that vote. Women vote typically in lower numbers than men. The article discuss why this might be. Also I want to discuss is education of the women affects her likeness to vote. If the socio-economic status of the family effects if the women votes or not. Many factors many effect if a women is able to vote. I need to do more research about the topic in order to gain a better understanding of it and to develop my argument further. 

My Reseach Essay

My project deals with race and gender and how they relate to politics. Many different factors affect politics but I feel with the fairly recent election of Barack Obama and the running of Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, race and gender are being talked about a lot. I wanted something that I have always been interest in but never really had the time to look into. I think that a better research essay would be a PowerPoint enhanced essay. There would be an audio file of me reading the essay with timed PowerPoint slides. This way there can be pictures and different things that can enhance what I am trying to say. I can illustrate my point through pictures and not have to take up space trying to explain it. I think my intended audience would be people who are interested in elections and of the younger generation. I want to speak of more recent elections in which might be more interesting to a younger generation. Race and gender in politics has not really been an issue in past election. Older people have something to base their opinion off of while younger people don’t. Race and gender have only really been a topic of the past two elections. Also if you don’t have an interest in politics then you are most likely going to hate reading about it. I write research essays in a very logical way. I am a person who is very logical and things need to make sense, at least to me, for me to enjoy them. I want to write about different aspects of politics and how race and gender effects each aspects according to the research that I did.

Gender, Race and Social Class in Political Elections

The topic I want to write about is how gender and race of the Presidential candidates affects the outcome of the election. This topic intrigued me during the last two elections particularity because of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama being half black and Hillary Clinton being a woman either of the choices would made history. Many people were interviewed am stated that they only reason they voted for Obama was because of his race. But, many people stated that they did not vote for him because of his race. This is what I want to focus on but, I am having a hard time finding this about this partially topic. I looked for a boarder topic and found some stuff that is similar to this.

1. Gender in Politics

Pamela Paxton, Sheri Kunovich and Melanie M. Hughes

This article is about women in political situations but doesn’t speak of the president election. It doesn’t just speak of the United States. It deals with countries around the world and women’s roles in the countries.

2. Priming Presidential Approval: The Conditionality of Issue Effects

Christine A. Kelleher and Jennifer Wolak

This article is also not about Obama. It focus more on what presidents look for in an approval rating.

3. Race appeal : how candidates invoke race in U.S. political campaigns

Charlton D. McIlwain and Stephen M. Caliendo

“Case studies in racially framed news Barack Obama, race-based appeals, and the 2008 presidential election Racialized campaigns: what have we learned, and where do we go from here.” The book is a little more what I am looking for but I need to get it from the library.

Facebook Adds Gender Categories

Facebook goes beyond ‘male’ and ‘female’ with new gender options

Author- Brandon Griggs

News Source- CNN

 Facebook recently added many different genders to their personal information. Users can edit there gender status with up to fifty different words that many Lesbian, Gay, and transgender people associate with.  A top LGBTQ committee worked with Facebook to come up with the terms. The choices are under the custom setting but must start to be typed in order to appear. Overall there has been a successful welcoming to the idea of the different categories. The only issue is that most people don’t know what the terms mean.  People joke that they need a dictionary to understand what some the terms are. I looked at a lot of the different categories on Facebook. I don’t know what many of the terms mean. But, many of the people who identify with a different gender that is not male or female know what they identify as. Also, you are able to customize the pronoun that you are referred to as. There is the pronoun his, hers, and them. On your timeline and everything else that people can see you will be referred to as the pronoun that you chose. Many people on the gay rights community are very happy about the new development and the precedent that was set. But, there are some draw backs to the new development. The settings are not available in other countries. They are only available in United States. I believe that is a great step in the gay rights. I hope that other company’s and institutions follows in Facebook’s footsteps.

Letter to WRT 105

Dear Syracuse University Freshman,

Whether or not you believe it, you have all stepped into a new, crazy atmosphere where you will embark on a journey leaving tour high school friends and family behind. Scary right? Not to worry though. Syracuse University will be your new home and you will begin the next chapter of your like; however, there are a couple of things you should know.

First things first, how does one succeed at Syracuse University? In terms of academics, it is important to form study groups with your peers and to utilize your TA’s and office hours. This is a great way to network and become familiar with the faculty. Believe it or not, professors are there to help you and they want to help you. Make sure they know your name and face, in a good way. Along with seeking help, it is important to develop time management skills and discipline yourself. Specifically at Syracuse there are several resources at there for your benefit including great places to study. If you prefer noise went you study try places like the basement of Bird library or the Life Science Atrium. If you need a more peaceful environment, try Panasic lounge or the newly remodeled Carnegie Library. Just don’t lock yourself up to much! It’s not all work and no play. While at Syracuse University, take some time to enjoy the greater aspects of college. Buy Basketball season tickets. Even if you didn’t like basketball in high school or never watch any basketball on tv, it is different when it is your college. Go out, stay out late then come home and order Jimmy Johns. Syracuse is known as a party school. Don’t get wrapped up in the party scene. You must also go sledding at least once with a tray stolen from the dining hall. You must also be prepared for the weather.

As you have all noticed, you are enrolled in a mandatory class entitled WRT 105. To succeed in WRT 105 you must use the resources that are available to you. The writing center is a great tool. You can get a tutor to help you with anything that pertains to your essay or project. If you are confused or just need help with the essay go to your professors. They will help you. Your peers are also a great tool to help you. They understand what the topic is and will be able to help you. WRT 105 is not as scary as it may seem. Just put the work in and you will do great.

-Haley and Mackenzie

Mackenzie’s Blog

Research Paper

I believe that students should have a say in what they write about. If students care about what they are saying them they are more likely to spend more time on it. If I have to write about a book that I didn’t find interesting and had no relevance to the world today or my life then I dread writing the paper. It is a chore that needs to be done. If I am interested in the book or topic then I want to learn more and I want to write about it and share my opinion. The author states, “Let’s ask them to address real research questions.” I took a class my senior year of High School through Marist College called Themes in Shakespeare. The plays were very interesting and I wanted to write out them. Writing a paper a week didn’t feel as much as a chore.  Research papers teach kids how to reword someone else’s opinion and agree with them. In high school we had to use other people’s critical thinking about the literature to form our essay. We had to find one that sounded good and go with that. We were not able to form our own ideas and go with that. We had to say what we wanted to through the words and quotes of someone else. It didn’t promote thinking or understanding. People would pick the first one and just go with that one. The author describes the writing process perfectly, “…pluck out three quotes from The Sun Also Rises, summarize the same four plot points 50 times until you hit Page 5, and then crap out a two-sentence conclusion”. In college you should be able to write about the unspoken off and off limit’s in high school topics. You would never hear of a class talking about gender and sexuality. It was always hears a poem, interpret the way the teacher wants you to and find a critical thinking essay to support you on a school approved data base. You should be able to more freely talk about what interests you.

Rhetoric and the Stoning of Rachel Jeantel

The style of writing was confusing in the beginning. I was not sure who the author was talking about. I thought that the article was supposed to be about Rachel Jeantel so the beginning didn’t really make sense. I found myself asking if this was the right article. Kevin Browne set up his credibility by saying why he is qualified to write the topic. I thought that the article was written like it was supposed to be from Jeantel point of view by the way that the article started off. The article was a very relaxed for an academic article. If was not very formal and the wording was very relaxed. It was written in a way that was very different from what you would expect to see.

                I studied the Travon Martian Case in high school senior year. The class was College Forensics thru Syracuse University.  Some of the information that is said is not that accurate. The details in the way Martin died were not accurate. He didn’t die face down with his head in the grass. He was on top of Zimmerman do to the trajectory of the bullet. Besides the minor details the articles does a good job explaining the prejudice that people have to the African American stereotypes. He is also very gracious in the way he described the prosecution. He understands that it the prosecution job to attack the witness in any way possible. But, he does point out the stereotypes that the public has. He shows that people are prejudice and the things that are prejudice.